Just because you are single parenting doesn’t mean you have to do it alone

Join me, fellow newly single mom of 2 small kiddies, as I figure out this single parenting business. From working out budgets to time management, being the discipliner as well as the comforter, meal planning, and emotional rollercoasters, I cover it all and document it as I learn.

  • Stop the guilt – fight feeling guilty about how you parent
    Mom guilt? We need to stop. We have nothing to feel guilty about, even if mainstream and social media want to convince you otherwise. We are raising happy, kind and content kids, and that is the ultimate goal!
  • Capsule wardrobe: Minimise your wardrobe without minimising your style
    In essence, it is a paired down closet that consists, in its entirety, of 30 to 50 pieces of clothing. The clothing items have been chosen to fit and pair with all of the other items, allowing you to create outfits from any top and bottom that you choose. Sounds awesome right? Right – it is. But I will also agree that the whole concept can seem a bit confining.
  • Gnudi
    Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 When I started on my low-carb zero sugar journey the thing I found to be the hardest was to not have pasta. I love love love pasta. Then my gnocchi was also taken away – no potatoes. Heartbreaking stuff. As I have gone on with this journey I have relaxed a bit and so I allow myself a bit of flour every now and then. As long as the flour is gluten-free that … Read more Welcome!