Single mama walking in simple faith, relying on God to help guide her on this solo parenting journey

The aim? To not just survive but thrive! To raise my two girls as warriors for Christ, who will never feel as if they were raised in a broken home. Wanna join? Then subscribe to become part of the tribe.

This blog follows along on our journey, and I cover the things I feel most passionately about – single-mamadom, faith, and lifestyle, with a good dose of anything else in between. Read along to find out more.

  • 33 Things I want to do before I turn 34
    33 Things I want to try, do or start before I turn 34 – some are goals, some are activities, all are things I have either been dreaming or wondering about.
  • My word of the year: BLOOM
    Bloom – my word of the year. Because some years are for growing, and others are for blooming.
  • How to feel more in control when you are a newly single mama
    Getting through a divorce and going at it alone, as a newly single mama, can be overwhelming and daunting. Here are my tips on how to feel more in control, and take back your life.
  • Sisterly love
    Having grown up with two brothers I cannot speak from personal experience, but watching my two daughters unfold and deepen their relationship daily proofs to me that having a sister is one of life’s biggest blessings.
  • How to teach your kids how to cook (and love it)
    Getting the kids to love cooking can be a daunting task, especially if you are not fond of it to start with. Here are some of my tips as well as reasons why you should at least try to teach your kids how to cook, and hopefully love it.
  • Dating after divorce
    Dating after divorce, 3 things I have learned to look for in my next relationship to not make the same mistakes a second time round.
  • Where is God in single parenthood?
    I have learned that the Bible gives so much reassurance and strength to us, even when we feel like failures because we now have to set out on this single parenting journey. Where is God in single parenthood? Right beside you, holding your hand. With Him, even when you are single parenting, you are not doing it alone.
  • Birthday letters: Amelia
    The letter I wrote for my 4 year old’s birthday. My reflection and wishes for her.
  • Birthday letters: Alina
    Continuing with a practice I started years ago, this year I am publishing my birthday reflection and wishes for my eldest here, for her to always be able to find it.