Just because you are single parenting doesn’t mean you have to do it alone

Join me, fellow newly single mom of 2 small kiddies, as I figure out this single parenting business. From working out budgets to time management, being the discipliner as well as the comforter, meal planning, and emotional rollercoasters, I cover it all and document it as I learn.

  • Being one in a world of twos
    Getting used to being a single mom, often while in a room full of twos
  • Banana bread
    Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 I don’t know why, but Murphy is alive and well in our house. The kids will live off of bananas for days, meaning we cannot keep up buying them. And then all of a sudden – nothing. They try convince you that they have NEVER liked bananas. Then you sit with box full of ripe fruit that you are going to end up throwing away. Luckily this recipe is there to save you! … Read more Banana bread
  • Chocolate oats pancakes
    Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 On Sundays, before church, we have pancakes. This has become a tradition in our house, one that the kids look forward to the whole week. We are strict about their sugar intake, but on Sundays they get a little splurge and a treat. We make pancakes, which we serve with honey, chocolate spread, or whatever is nice and decadent and naughty. Sometimes we grill bacon or sausages, but usually the pancakes are sweet … Read more Chocolate oats pancakes