Just because you are single parenting doesn’t mean you have to do it alone

Join me, fellow newly single mom of 2 small kiddies, as I figure out this single parenting business. From working out budgets to time management, being the discipliner as well as the comforter, meal planning, and emotional rollercoasters, I cover it all and document it as I learn.

  • Christmas gift guide for toddler girls and little princesses
    It is that time of the year when every mama starts scratching her head about what to give her precious little girl. No matter if your girls are young or older, this seems to be an ongoing dilemma – what do you give her? Here are my favourite local gift ideas
  • Starting your own Christmas traditions
    This is your first year being a single mama, spending time with your kids over Christmas. You feel like they have gone through enough this year, so you want to make the holiday season extra special without reminding them of what they have “lost”. That means trying to steer clear of previous traditions and working on creating new ones for you and your single-parent family to enjoy year after year.
  • Activity-based advent calendar (no sweets, candy or little gifts)
    Ideas for making an advent calendar that emphasizes memories and not things. Experiences and activity based, no sweets, candy or little gifts.